Kent Black Action Commission (KBAC) Announces The Launch Of Its “Education, Leadership And Advocacy Project”

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The Kent Black Action Commission (KBAC) recently announced the launch of its Education, Leadership and Advocacy project. The project is designed to provide a public forum for parents and students to discuss the importance of education, and to conduct workshops to help parents and students become more effective leaders and advocates for the student’s education.

      The program will consist of three phases:

• Phase1 consists of a meeting to be held on June 8, 2013 at the Kent Library. The meeting starts 10:15 AM and will end at 11:30 AM. Details of the project will be presented at this meeting and parents and students can register for participation at this meeting.

• Phase2 will be held as part of KBAC Juneteenth Festival to be held on June 15, 2013. Each participating student will be given the opportunity to read aloud their short essay on the importance of education that must be written as a project requirement.

• Phase3 will consist of four workshops held on consecutive Saturday mornings in June and July. Dates and times will be established with consideration of input from the participants. Topics for the workshops will include: Leadership, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Listening.

      For more details and for any questions, please contact Richard Johnson at (253) 631-7944 or email

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